Java SETI@Home Monitor

A utility for monitoring SETI work unit progress and individual user statistics
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Latest News

   — April 14, 2002 —
Released version 1.32!

   — March 23, 2002 —
The JSETIMon project has welcomed a new developer: Kent Johnson! Kent is helping out with some user interface issues, and his efforts can be seen in the latest source check-ins.

   — March 21, 2002 —
Released version 1.20, which fixes the parsing of the username and average CPU time.

   — November 27, 2001 —
Windows installers are now available. The full install includes the Java 2 Runtime, while the App install does not. If you already have the Java 2 Runtime installed, save time by downloading the App version. If you aren't sure, get the full version.

   — November 25, 2001 —
Version 1.18 of JSETIMon is now available. New in this revision is the ability to adjust the update rate, sounds associated with all data change events, and the ability to configure the sounds that are played on those events.

   — November 20, 2001 —
Welcome Slashdotters! Thanks for clicking through from that submission!

   — September 22, 2001 —
A stable release is out, along with a User's Manual

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