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Launching the Application
Use the following command to launch the application

java -jar JSETIMon.jar

Be sure that the java executable is in your path, and that the jar file is in your classpath. If you have previously run the application, your configuration will be loaded from the local jsetimon.ini file.

The Main Screen
The main screen for the application will appear on launch.

The icons in the toolbar have the following functions:

- Sets the UserID for the SETI@Home user to monitor.
- Adds a work unit to the monitor
- Removes a work unit from the monitor
- Displays version and copyright information on the application.

Setting the User ID
If you click on the "Set UserID" icon, a dialog box will appear prompting you to enter a valid SETI@Home User ID.

Enter the UserID into the dialog box and click the okay button. The interface will now populate with information for that user.

Once a minute, the application will update the values for the user. If a value changes, it will be displayed in yellow. If not, the value will be displayed in white.

The values will only be updated if an internet connection is available. If the value of Work Units Completed changes, a sound will play. A sound will also play when the UserID is first entered. If you accidentally click the "Set UserID" button, simply click the cancel button in the dialog to cancel entering a new ID.

Adding a Work Unit
To add a work unit to the monitor, click the green plus sign icon. This will bring up a file chooser dialog box. Browse the state.sah file for the work unit that you wish to monitor.

After clicking OK, the work unit will be added to the display.

Repeat this operation for as many work units as you like. If you are using a Windows operating system, and the work unit is available from a network share, use the fully qualified network path to access the file. This might look like:

Removing a Work Unit
To remove a work unit, select it from the list and click the red X icon.
General Information
Clicking the about icon will bring up a dialog box containing information about your release of the Java SETI Monitor, copyright information, and possibly other general information about the application.